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SRMBC Ministries 

Serving Christ By Serving Others

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Clergy Ministry 

Rev. Thomas A. Keys, Pastor-Teacher
Rev. Jacqueline Keys Assoc. Pastor

Rev. Dr. Arlene Gadsden, Assoc. Pastor  

Rev.  Toni Scott, Assoc. Pastor
Min. Kirsten Assoc. Minister

Min. Jasmine Chambers  Music Minister

Min. Allison Harr, Assoc Minister


Deacon Family Ministry

Deacon Kenneth L. Mickens, Chairman (

Deacon Raymond W. Chambers Jr., Vice Chairman

Deacon Samuel R. Jones

Deacon Paul C. Ellis

Deacon Eric Bostic

Deacon Mike Davis

Care Comfort & Grief Support 

Rev. Dr. Arlene Gadsden, Coordinator

Min. Kirsten Keys Asst. Coordinator

Deaconess Angela Ellis Grief Advisor

Deacon Paul C. Ellis, Grief Advisor

Christian Education Ministry

Director  - Vacant

Deacon Kenneth L. Mickens, Sunday SchoolCoordinator

Deaconess Angela Ellis, Assistant Sunday School Coordinator

Deaconess Virginia Mickens, VBS Coordinator

Deaconess Eula Webster Youth/Young Adult Coordinator

Discipleship - Vacant

Missionary Ministry

Rev. Dr. Arlene Gadsden, President

Music Ministry

Rev. Jacqueline Keys, Pastor of Worship

Min. Jasmine Chambers, Minister of Music
Deaconess Renee Chambers, Choir Director
Rev. Jacqueline Keys, Adult Choir President

Janet Arrington, Adult Choir Vice President

Shirley Jones Youth Choir President

Lynette Harris-Holmes Youth Choir Vice-President 

Min. Allison Harr Young Adult Choir President

Jaimie Foster Young Adult Choir Vice -President

Health & Wellness Ministry


Min. Kirsten Keys, Coordinator

Nurses Ministry 



Security Ministry

Kenneth Mickens II, Chief

Trustee Greg Harr, Assistant

Events Ministry

Trustee Elizabeth Summers, President
Trustee Abigail Howard, Vice President    
Jaimie Foster, Secretary

Missions & Evangelism Ministry

Rev. Dr. Arlene Gadsden, Co-Ordinator 

Admin Staff
Deaconess Virginia Mickens, Church Secretary
Jaimie Foster, Church Assistant Secretary
Deaconess Diane Jones, Church Clerk
Deaconess Dara Bostic, Assistant Church Clerk

Janet Arrington, Announcing Clerk

Min. Kirsten Keys, Media & Public realtions

Deaconess Ministry

Deaconess Diane Jones, President

Deaconess Dara Bostic, Vice-President

Deaconess Angela Ellis 

Deaconess Renee Chambers

Deaconess Virginia Mickens

Deaconess Rosa Phillips

Deaconess Vicki Ross

Deaconess Eula Webster​


Trustee Ministry

Trustee Albert Nelson, Chairman

Trustee Elizabeth Summers, Vice Chairman

Trustee Gregory Harr

Trustee Abigail Howard

Trustee Bryce Moses

Trustee Christopher Harris

Trustee Kevin Thompson

Trustee Kenneth Mickens II,

Trustee Jermaine Simmons

Young Adult Ministry  (A Chosen Generation)

Jaimie Foster, President
Min. Allison Harr, Vice President​

Deaconess Eula Webster​ - Advisor 

Precious Moments

Maiya Harris, Director 

Youth Ministry (LIT)


Maiya Harris, Director 

Isaiah Bostic Vice-President



Tayanin Brown President 

Quinn Mickens Vice - President

Men's Ministry

Deacon Paul Ellis, President
Rickey Banks, Vice President

Women's Ministry


Min. Kirsten Keys, President

Lynette Harris -Holmes  Vice-President 

Audio / Visual

Deacon Raymond Chambers, Jr., President
Trustee Christopher Harris

Hospitality Ministry

Deaconess Vicki Ross, President

Usher Ministry

Willie Lewis, President
Rickey Banks, Vice President

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